Hey there. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I love the movie Akira, and am looking for cels from Akira and any of the other series in my Wish List area. Please do look at my cels. I am always up to hear from someone if they want to ask and purchase/trade for a cel. I am NOT selling ANY of my Akira cels. I will only trade for another Akira cel or Akira original background I want. Just contact me.

***Please do NOT use any of the images from any cel(s), etc. of mine without my consent. This is all from my private collection. Thank you!***

News & Updates

11/8/2010OMG YES! Updated the Akira section with a PIMP cel of Joker when he goes head-on with Kaneda in the beginning of the movie!
10/22/2010I added two more dougas to the Akira section. One is an awesome douga of the beer can structure falling from the building when the ESPer Takashi was afraid after seeing the spy guy get killed. The other is a douga of Kaneda on his bike during Tetsuo's dream sequence near the end of the movie.
10/6/2010Updated the Akira section with an awesome douga. Added my first Perfect Blue items. Added my first Spriggan items. Added more Millennium Actress items.
6/15/2010Akira now open.

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Akira (89) 2/6/2011
Boogiepop Phantom (1) 1/9/2011
Cowboy Bebop (2) 9/18/2010
Hajime no Ippo (11) 10/14/2010
Memories (1) 10/6/2010
Millennium Actress (16) 1/9/2011
Original Backgrounds (11) 1/24/2011
Perfect Blue (3) 10/6/2010
Serial Experiments Lain (2) 9/21/2010
Slam Dunk! (4) 11/8/2010
Spriggan (2) 10/6/2010
The Ping Pong Club (2) 8/25/2010
The Slayers (1) 9/22/2010
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2) 10/14/2010

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